America Is Emotionally Unprepared For Influx of Refugees

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As Syrian refugees move ever closer to America’s shores, social media sites and blogs everywhere are ablaze debating whether they are to be welcomed without question, vetted and scrutinized, or outright turned away at our borders.

Sadly, the ranks of those in favor of denying refugees far outnumber those in favor of letting them in, one way or another.

The rally cries of opponents focus on the security risks and the fact that we are in a defacto war with ISIL. They unilaterally decide that this is no time to be charitable in the face of such overwhelming threats to the peace, safety and security of Americans.

How can we as Americans be so guarded and uncharitable? Ever since the mid-20th century, we as a culture, have allowed ourselves to become fat, weak, complacent, and apathetic to any cause that falls outside our puny self-absorbed scope.

We have sold our soul to any message that tells us what we want to hear instead of what we need to know.

We must choose to unconditionally love our fellow man – every race, every creed – at all times.

The implicit message embedded in the arguments put forth by those against allowing mysterious refugees access to American safety is this:
You are asking me to consider doing something that threatens my well-being, for I am emotionally and intellectually ill-equipped to put the needs of others above the needs of myself.

Post-modern America has forgotten the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

It doesn’t matter whether you adhere to a religious structure or not. The point is that we must choose to unconditionally love our fellow man – every race, every creed – at all times. This is how we advance our civilization. This is how our species can thrive and prosper, no matter what we are faced with.

Do you still have fears about allowing refugees into America? My friend, you are letting the tail wag the dog.

The correct response to this opportunity, is to vet each person at the border, and send them away if they are on any watch lists.  No red flags? Welcome them and allow them a probationary period consisting of two years access to fundamental and necessary services. Then, put them on a path to citizenship.

Keep in mind that if America had an exclusionary attitude back in the 19th and 20th centuries when our ancestors sought refuge here, none of us would be alive as American citizens today.